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Engineers Video poll/feedback

Posted: April 26, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Below, you’ll find a selection of the crowdsourced videos from class on Wednesday, a poll to determine which tonal direction we want to go in for the Engineers introductory video, and a link to a shot list we’ll work on this week.  So, over the weekend, please:

  1. Respond to the poll below
  2. In comments, add some suggestions to the shot list for the video, let us know if you have any video equipment you can bring to class next week (this could range from a smart phone to a high end video camera), and more links to same videos we might use for content, or as tonal or stylistic inspiration.  See my comment below as a sample.

The videos below are broadly grouped into categories, think about both tone, form, and content.  Do we want talking head interviews?  Just images with voiceover?  Etc.

50s Newsreel Parody:

These videos comically juxtapose 50s futurism with contemporary realities and post-apocalyptic scenarios.  Does this strike the right tone to introduce the Engineers?  Perhaps we consider using some of the archival footage of Oxy to create shorter video parodies to populate the site/later challenges?  These types videos are certainly useful to consider how we might use archival footage of technology to comedic effect. 


Promotional Video: 

These are fairly conventional promotional videos in form: they employ some mixture of talking head interviews, stock footage, voiceover, text, and score to convey a clear message.  That said, each has some unique features/approach we should consider.  If we go a similar route, how do we make this appealing to Freshmen?  What images and audio would most make you interested in joining?


“Day in the life”:

You can find many others on the Start Up Videos site Sunil found.  I’ve put a couple below.  Basically, this idea is to showcase the club through a day in the life of an Oxy students/member of the club.  This will include casual, scholarly, and club-sponsored engagements with technology.


Misc. Videos w/specific visuals we might consider…

students using technology/producing media…

one take…


Misc. Crazy:

I’m not sure we’ll want to model anything we’re doing on this, but because I cut it short in class…


Academic Commons Scouting photos

Posted: April 17, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Oxy + Technology

Posted: April 4, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

As we move on to producing content to various blogs, twitter feeds, etc, I thought it would be useful to have a series of posts directing you to resources and fodder to populate these spaces.  The first post focuses on technology initiatives at Oxy, though I’ll be posting others with links to broader debates around technology and higher education tomorrow, but in the meantime you should read this debate on technology’s place in the liberal arts from the CSP we’ll be visiting on Monday.

Below is a partial list, feel free to add others as comments:

I have further info on many of these endeavors, so just let me know if you want/need more info.

Game Design Assignment #2

Posted: March 25, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Below, you’ll find a list of assignments/deadlines for this week:

By Wednesday (3/27):

  • Each team should create a googledoc and share it with me + the rest of the class
  • Each team should create a list of assignments to be completed by next Monday (clearly labeling who is working on what)
  • Look over the other teams’ googledocs for possible intersections/points of collaboration

By Monday (4/1):

  • Complete team-allocated weekly assignment 
  • Be prepared to give a brief show-and-tell of what you worked on this week
  • Be prepared to create assignments for the following week that involve some collaboration with other teams

In the meantime, here is a resource that you might consider looking into to help with or inspire your projects:

The DiRT wiki, once you drill into it, has great tools and links to instructions, but also contains framing articles and blog posts that might be useful.

Game Design Assignment #1

Posted: March 20, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

By Sunday, 3/24  at 8pm, comment on this post with your research on one of the following:

  • A key date in Oxy history (ideally within our Sept-Nov window)
  • A noted Oxy alum
  • A building on Oxy’s campus
  • A club or organization at Oxy
  • A protest or notable moment of activism in Oxy’s history

NOTE: Everyone needs to be making an original contribution (no doubling up), so check the comments before you post your own.  This comment can be about a paragraph long, include links when relevant.

TINAC (This Is Not A Class)

Posted: December 24, 2012 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Welcome, Occidental students taking ArtM 348: Games, Play, and Alternate Reality Games (and anyone else who might have stumbled across this)! This blog will serve a number of functions over the course of the semester, including:

  • A place to download the syllabus, track assignment deadlines, and link to course readings
  • A site to share supplementary links, articles and ruminations on our weekly course topics (including, but not limited to, your play journal assignment)
  • A space for you to continue discussions with your classmates, beyond the classroom
  • An archive of our collective thinking around, and development of, the final ARG project

Ideally, I’d like for us to evolve this blog beyond the practical purposes listed above to create a space where we can have an ongoing conversation, not just about course content, but how you might take the ideas and critical theories we are engaging with outside the confines of the classroom. We will be circling around larger issues that deserve more nuanced analysis than we will likely have time for in class, and the blog is an ideal space to deepen those discussions.

Players of ARGs often use the expression “TINAG” (or “This Is Not A Game”) to describe the unique, immersive play experience, which often elides the fact that the game is a a “game” at all, and grants players a large degree of agency to shape the play.  Likewise, our final collaborative project, designing a small scale ARG for Occidental College makes this course somewhat different than a traditional media studies course.  You will still need to master and mobilize course concepts, but you will do so in the collaborative design and theorization of a pervasive game to develop digital media fluencies.  In short, This Is Not A Class, or at least it’s not JUST a class.

This is your space, so have at it!