Term Paper

ArtM 348: Topics in Digital Culture (Spring 2013)

Games, Play and ARGs

Term Paper Assignment

To wrap up our ARG design project, your term paper for this course will require you to select and analyze an element of the game we’ve collectively designed in an 4-5 page paper, due Friday, May 3rd by 8pm.  You will submit your paper to me via email as a PDF with the following formatting: LastName_348_finalpaper.pdf

You are required to send me a brief abstract (1-2 paragraphs) via email detailing the topic of your paper by Friday, April 26th at 8pm.

This paper will be evaluated on your engagement with course concepts and readings, and effective use of outside research when applicable.  You’ll also be evaluated on the depth of your analysis, so your term paper should thoroughly engage with a specific element of game design (or, at most, two intersecting elements), and should root your analysis in specific examples and suggestions.  These might include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Spatial or temporal considerations in pervasive game design
  • How to effectively integrate mobile technologies into real-world based games
  • The social dynamics of ARGS (collective intelligence in the college context)
  • Game-based learning and the liberal arts tradition
  • Best practices for archiving and/or assessing ARGs

These papers will allow you to critically reflect on the design process, but you should also look forward to discuss the how we might most effectively design and launch a pervasive game to develop media fluencies at Occidental over the coming year.


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