ARG Test Case Presentation

ArtM 348: Topics in Digital Culture (Spring 2013)

Games, Play and ARGs

ARG Presentation Assignment

Once we reach our unit on ARGs and pervasive games, each student will research and present one ARG to the rest of the class. You must sign up via googledoc for a presentation slot and ARG to present on by Monday, 2/18 at 10pm.  These presentations should:

  • Be 5-7 minutes long
  • Offer a brief overview of the game (narrative, objectives, participation)
  • Have an audio/visual component in which you either present game artifacts, temporally or spatially map the game’s scope, apply key concepts from our course readings, etc.  You can use the presentation platform of your choosing, but see our course tools if you feel stuck.
  • Display thoughtful applications of course content
  • Ruminate on which elements (or lessons learned) might be fruitfully applied to our class’ game design project

You will be presenting on one of the following broad themes/types of ARGs:

  • Media Properties [2/27/13]
  • Education and Environmental Initiatives [3/6/13]

You can use the links in our course blog’s ARGhive as a starting point when selecting your ARG to profile, but you may need to (or want to) seek out your own examples.


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