ARG Representation Paper

ArtM 348: Topics in Digital Culture (Spring 2013)

Games, Play and ARGs

Game Representation Paper Assignment

Because this is a critical media studies course, in addition to garnering a working understanding of game design fundamentals, it is vital to consider how games, play, and ARGs are represented in other media media.  To this end, you will write a 5-7 page paper, analyzing ONE of the following two films:

  • eXistenz (David Cronenberg, 1999, 97 min.)
  • The Game (David Fincher, 1997, 129 min.)

Both of these films will be on reserve at the library, you should make time in your schedule to screen them outside of class on (or before) Week 5 of the class (February 18-24).

Your paper should be structured around an argument-driven thesis, and deploy course concepts and readings to support your analysis.  Your analysis should engage both the design of the game presented in the film, and the representation of gaming in the film broadly.  Pay particular attention to:

  • How technologies are utilized within the game and represented in the film
  • The slippage between the “real” world and the “game” world
  • What these representations say about the function of games and play in culture

This paper is due Friday, March 8th by 10pm via email.  Please save your paper as a PDF with the following formatting: LastName_348_representation.pdf


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