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Posted: April 26, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Below, you’ll find a selection of the crowdsourced videos from class on Wednesday, a poll to determine which tonal direction we want to go in for the Engineers introductory video, and a link to a shot list we’ll work on this week.  So, over the weekend, please:

  1. Respond to the poll below
  2. In comments, add some suggestions to the shot list for the video, let us know if you have any video equipment you can bring to class next week (this could range from a smart phone to a high end video camera), and more links to same videos we might use for content, or as tonal or stylistic inspiration.  See my comment below as a sample.

The videos below are broadly grouped into categories, think about both tone, form, and content.  Do we want talking head interviews?  Just images with voiceover?  Etc.

50s Newsreel Parody:

These videos comically juxtapose 50s futurism with contemporary realities and post-apocalyptic scenarios.  Does this strike the right tone to introduce the Engineers?  Perhaps we consider using some of the archival footage of Oxy to create shorter video parodies to populate the site/later challenges?  These types videos are certainly useful to consider how we might use archival footage of technology to comedic effect. 


Promotional Video: 

These are fairly conventional promotional videos in form: they employ some mixture of talking head interviews, stock footage, voiceover, text, and score to convey a clear message.  That said, each has some unique features/approach we should consider.  If we go a similar route, how do we make this appealing to Freshmen?  What images and audio would most make you interested in joining?


“Day in the life”:

You can find many others on the Start Up Videos site Sunil found.  I’ve put a couple below.  Basically, this idea is to showcase the club through a day in the life of an Oxy students/member of the club.  This will include casual, scholarly, and club-sponsored engagements with technology.


Misc. Videos w/specific visuals we might consider…

students using technology/producing media…

one take…


Misc. Crazy:

I’m not sure we’ll want to model anything we’re doing on this, but because I cut it short in class…

  1. suzannescott says:

    I’ll be bringing in my phone, and ipad for shooting video.

    Let’s attempt to crowdsource a shot list for Monday in comments here. Based on our conversations here are some starting points:

    – Students collaborating on projects and/or smartboard (Brown Lab)
    – Students playing video games (CDLR)
    – B-roll of students on various devices on the quad

    As far as style goes, I am going to wait to weigh in until the poll results are mostly in.

  2. LouisUsarzewicz says:

    I think we should we should do a day in the life type video that incorporates some of the old archival footage that we found and compares it to how a current member of the engineering club spends their time at oxy. As far as comedy goes, I think that we should land somewhere in the middle, not making it too serious that it ends up seeming really cheesy like the computer technology club did, but not making it so comical that the club seems fake. We should compare a day in the life of an Oxy student from before technology was prevalent on campus and after. We could make the old footage funny by choosing some of the more ridiculous stuff (students dancing around in medieval looking costumes) to poke fun at. However, when we show engineer club footage I think we should make it more serious so that the engineers looks like a legitimate club. I think the main goal of the video should be to make the point that technology is a much easier and more intuitive way to research and collaborate than a typical library setting (reading books vs. laptop, chalk board vs. smartboard, etc.) At the end of the video we could have a very brief 10-15 second speech from a cdlr person that is serious and just says something like ‘our students use technology in innovative and useful ways, much of this technological innovation takes place during the engineering club ….) or something along those lines.

    I do not have any camera equipment myself but someone I live by works for the place that rents all of the schools film equipment, I could talk to him about letting us rent some of the equipment out for a day.

  3. sdamle says:

    Personally I’m not a huge fan of the day in the life video. I think its a little bit cliche and wouldn’t be all that intriguing. I think Louis’s idea of juxtaposing a day in the life of a current Oxy engineer against the lives of students in the old archival footage is interesting, but I think the archival footage is best utilized using the 50s newsreel style. Ultimately, I think that this would add much more intrigue behind the engineers while conveying their technological prowess (it takes quite a bit of work to edit and produce a good video using the archival video). So, in short, my vote is for something more along the lines of the 50s newsreel videos linked above.

    Similarly to Louis, I don’t have any advanced Camera equipment, but I will bring in my I-pad and phone.

  4. Zachary Bruno says:

    I also do not have any camera equipment other than an iphone/ipad.

    I think our video should be along the lines of how old spice commercials are, or the “one take” promo vid that we have up here. I like the style of having one main actor which the camera follows around. The video could then be more like old spice commercial in which it makes exaggerated claims (with equally exaggerated video evidence) about the benefits of using old spice (or in our case being a part of the engineers club). Or the video could be more like the dollar head shave club commercial in which the tone is slightly sillier. I suppose the difference between these two types of commercials is subtle, but I think both of these commercials articulate themselves quite effectively.

    Link to the old spice commercial I was thinking of:

  5. smaloney2013 says:

    I only have my phone.

    I agree with Zack. This type of video is entertaining and can cover a lot of material quickly. With one person talking, it suggests a leadership to the group, The Engineers. Also, by never fully disclosing the absolute details of the group, since some of the information will be masked by jokes, there is a mystery, exclusiveness and yet lightheartedness to the group, making it desirable.

    I fear the other video formats are too boring or cliche. The ‘day in the life’ suggests that the student who is part of the The Engineers has no time for anything but activities involved with the club.

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