Game Design Assignment #2

Posted: March 25, 2013 by suzannescott in Uncategorized

Below, you’ll find a list of assignments/deadlines for this week:

By Wednesday (3/27):

  • Each team should create a googledoc and share it with me + the rest of the class
  • Each team should create a list of assignments to be completed by next Monday (clearly labeling who is working on what)
  • Look over the other teams’ googledocs for possible intersections/points of collaboration

By Monday (4/1):

  • Complete team-allocated weekly assignment 
  • Be prepared to give a brief show-and-tell of what you worked on this week
  • Be prepared to create assignments for the following week that involve some collaboration with other teams

In the meantime, here is a resource that you might consider looking into to help with or inspire your projects:

The DiRT wiki, once you drill into it, has great tools and links to instructions, but also contains framing articles and blog posts that might be useful.


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