Bioshock is Beating me Bad

Posted: February 17, 2013 by sexymanny3 in Uncategorized

Bioshock’s narrative is rich and complex. The game’s narrative drives the player through the mysterious world of Rapture while at the same time, the gameplay keeps the player entertained. However, the difficulty can become very frustrating.
Thus for me, the pleasure is coming from the narrative. The story drives me to want to learn more about this world of Rapture. The autotelic pleasure (pleasure from participation) became lost when facing multiple big daddies one after another. I died perhaps 10 times going through the game. The pleasure is thus coming strictly from fantasy, narrative and discovery because I have lost pleasure from the challenge.

Because of this it is hard for me to want to continue only for the story since the story is easily accessed online.

So I played through to the second room from the infirmary to the wharf looking place. There I faced a big daddy followed by another big daddy and my assigned goal is to locate a camera that allows me to study the creatures. Although I played an hour, I feel as though I didn’t progress much as the Big Daddies kept beating me. I tried different tactics, but I continued to be defeated. I do enjoy a challenge, but I don’t find pleasure in submitting to the game.


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