First Big Baddy “Big Daddy”

Posted: February 10, 2013 by sexymanny3 in Uncategorized


The most interesting aspect of my second hour’s play-through is fighting a Big Daddy (Bouncer) in order to get to the “Little Sister.” The “Little Sister” harvests ADAM (some kind of energy within the game that leads to more powers)  and with the ADAM, you can purchase abilities from the vending machines that gave me my incendiary and telepathy powers.

I will discuss the rules of Bioshock through my experience fighting the Big Daddy.

I will break down the rules of Bioshock by using the 3 types categorization: 1 – Operational Rules, the concrete rules that are in the manual i.e. the controls 2 – Constituative Rules, the underlying features within the game such as what the game engine permits. 3 – Implicit Rules, the social structures involved in playing the game.

1 – The operational rules came into play when I noticed myself struggling with remembering which button was to shoot as I keep rotating through the weapons. Ideally, I will have mastered the controls soon in order to make the game easier for me. The operations continue to work with dodging and weaving the incoming Big Daddy as it tries to tackle my character. Using the left stick to move and the right stick to keep the camera on my enemy, I was able to avoid a few attacks. Ultimately, I was too slow to avoid the Big Daddy and I died a few times.

2 – The constituative rules were difficult to work around in this fight. As the game is first person point of view, I continued to back into walls. I can not walk through walls according to the game’s rules leading me to get tackled a few times. Additionally, there were moments when I would run out of the magic energy leaving me without electrical powers, therefore magic is limited in the rules. I also ran out of ammunition meaning that ammunition is limited according to the rules of the game. Furthermore, the rules made the game challenging and interesting. If I could just breeze through the game, it would take the challenge out of it and either take out the fun or be a different kind of fun. What I mean by this is playing in a god mode is a different fun than having consequences. This leads me to the Implicit Rules.

3 – The implicit rules are the social constructs that are part of the game as played through the individual’s experience. In this case my own ideology keeps me from breaking any rules. That is I grew up playing games with a rule that my friends and family who play games follow. That personal rule is that we don’t cheat at least not until a second play-through or we haven’t mastered the game. So for those who are in my circle, the better gamers is determined by whether we beat a game, how fast we beat it, and whether we cheated. Additionally, we discuss details such as what strategy was taken to win and whether we found any easter eggs or details in the story that others missed. At the implicit rules level, the mastery of a game is the biggest aspect. To fully go in depth of what we consider cheating or rule breaking, we must look at the different “rule-breaking” that exists. Although different circles have different ideas on what cheating is, there is a list that I will pull from in order to flesh out what different people might consider cheating vs. what I (and my circle) consider cheating.

List of rule breaking includes: cheat codes (in game commands that allow for rule breaking), guides/walkthroughs (outside people giving explicit instructions on completing the game), workarounds (ways to skip through certain parts of a game), hacks (altering the code for in game benefits), and spoil sport hacks (which is cheating and makes victory for other players harder.

Although many consider all of these a form of cheating, within my circle, we would only permit guides when a player is stuck in a particular part of the game and also if they are trophy hunters, we are fine with guide use for getting trophies.

After understanding our self imposed rules, one can see we are dedicated until after our first playthrough. After beating the game the first time, we are at liberty to be a cheater and even be spoilsports or unsportsmanlike.

Therefore, when I faced Big Daddy I had no guides, I was no god in the game, and I worked to defeat him within the rules allowing me to save the Little Sister.




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