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The idea is simple enough yet at the same time is able to captivate any person to play for hours on end. All you do is launch Birds from a catapult and try and kill these pigs because they are stealing your eggs.

The video game itself has very simple overall aesthetics. The birds themselves do vary in certain ways. Some vary in terms of color, others differ in terms of color and each bird has its own set of launching capabilities that are key to consider when trying to knock over different sets of obstacles between you and the pigs. The birds colored red a very basic in their own regard. The yellow birds have a capability of accelerating their speed once in flight whenever the user so desires and this is very useful in situations when you need some extra power knocking down walls and destroying pigs. The same can be said for the smaller blue birds. They have the capability of being dispersed into three even smaller birds which can cover a wider area to attack but they also prove to be not as powerful as their other bird counterparts. The mightiest of all the birds is the eagle, which is used when the average bird will just not cut it. It descends directly from the sky and basically destroys everything. In addition to variations in birds, the pigs themselves have different capabilities depending on their appearance. The ones that are first encountered are fairly small and easy to destroy. There are also some that are larger and are therefore harder to destroy, I assume this is also because they have awesome mustaches. The landscape of the actual game is very similar to the early Super Mario games. The background is very two-dimensional with little detail and the landscape that the game itself is played on is flat for the most part but does change depending on the level of play. The only obstacles that the game puts forth are the occasional blocks of what is assumed to be concrete and panels of wood and glass to keep the birds from destroying the pigs.   

The game play itself is very simple yet like I said before, it can really captivate the user into playing for what inevitably turns into hours on end. The way in which you launch the birds is very straight forward, simply click on the catapult and drag the bird back and select the angle in which you believe is best at hitting the target. This does not require too much hand-eye coordination but it does help if you have done any sort of geometry in your life. The entire is about launching at the right angles in order to do the most amount of damage using the least amount of birds. This game does use some strategy in terms of knowing how to use the different birds when it is time to catapult them but the game has no real value in terms of a specific learning experience. One thing I will say is that you do learn to not mess with any birds 

  1. suzannescott says:

    Your description of the game is nice and clear, but you’re not engaging with course concepts in any detail. Thus, this remains little more than a description, and it also doesn’t function as a specific description of your personal experience playing. For the next entry, make sure you’re analyzing your experience (w/images or video to articulate these moments) through broader concepts from the readings.

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