Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

Posted: February 4, 2013 by smaloney2013 in Uncategorized

I was drawn to L.A. Noire because the screen shots online resembled the brilliant franchise Grand Theft Auto.  The third-person narrative provides a special awareness to your character that first-person shooters lack.  Also, I enjoy watching my character perform feats of human strength like Spiderman for Playstation 2.  The two games mentioned defined the longest sessions I ever endured before being introduced to FIFA.  With what I had learned online, I knew L.A. Noire is not a game to be brushed over.


The dialogue in the beginning scenes alone alerts anyone playing that this game is not Grand Theft Auto.  The uniformed gentleman lecturing me suggested we arrest the assailant of a double-homicide rather than killing him straight up.  I was not going to be slaughtering nightclubs or stealing cars, like I had so enjoyed before.  This time, I’m on the other side.  Luckily, I’ve been brushing up on my Law & Order.


Now, my conversations are interactive.  The essence of escapist gaming has been interrupted by a forced, techno-social conversation.  Each button allows the conversation to flow, making the gathering of information an interesting and challenging task.  In between conversations, I often maintained my reputation on Sunset Blvd for hit and runs.  All ready, I’m a cop, member of the public sector with blood on his hands. 


I need to clean up my act.  If I keep this up, LAPD will not trust me with any of the big cases, and I need big cases.  My life at home is nice, but only appears in brief moments.  What I need to focus on is people’s facial movements.  Something tells me my wife can help me. 


This game’s capabilities are incredibly expansive.  And I appreciate the respect it owes to my favorite genre: detective murder/mysteries.  The faces of recognizable actors is distracting, but endearing.  And the obstacles presented are legitimately challenging, making the entire experience feel practical. 

  1. suzannescott says:

    For future entries, you need to be less focused on comparing the game to other franchises and experiences, and more focused on directly applying course concepts and expanding your analysis. For example, your aside about the “forced techo-social conversation” of the game is interesting, but you need to discuss WHY gathering information in this fashion makes for a good “flow.” Generally, many of the points above gesture to your own lusory attitude as a player, you just needed to engage with this attitude critically. Also, be sure you’re visually annotating your post with images/video when relevant.

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