Bioshock, difficult but with jumping ahead, manageable

Posted: February 4, 2013 by sexymanny3 in Uncategorized

Bioshock is not as thrilling as I expected, but much more difficult than I even dreamed. I have experience playing first person shooters such as games from the Call of Duty franchise, but even there I struggle with the highest difficulty. I purposefully chose to take on Bioshock at an easier difficulty in order to survive while avoiding frustration.

Starting the game at medium difficulty and watching the cinematic opening, I went straight to testing what I can and cannot do at the first moment I took control over the camera movements. At first it seemed that I would not be able to do what I want and would be limited to following what the game dictates as the story line.

Once the character entered into the setting of Rapture and I was able to move at will in the hospital area, I found myself wandering the halls and playing the “hacking” mini-game that is similar to one I played when I was younger.

Ultimately, as I wandered at will my character received powers that I am almost certain weren’t necessary at this point of the game. I got the feeling that I was supposed to get these abilities at a later point in the game.

I tried to keep my mind focused on looking at the game as someone who is analyzing the game, but after the first fight with an enemy, I quickly became captured into the world of survival and powers.

The game quickly showed me that I was still a noob when at one point I continued to cycle through my weapons, thinking that I was firing or swinging a wrench.

When thinking about choice, I realized that the choices were to follow the arrow or going about other paths. I chose the latter. Even though I was able to do things that I may not have been meant to, I still am acting within the parameters of the game. That is to say that the powers were placed there and were meant for me to collect and so whether I am progressing at the pace or in the way the developers wanted me to, they still have me trapped in that at some point in the game I would collect or need them anyway.

Breaking down my choice by its anatomy, I can say that the choice is to follow the arrow (the storyline). Before given the choice, I was thrown into this new, created world. I made the choice based on my desire to find health packs and items that might help me later, such as the hacked machines. The result of my choice is receiving powers sooner and hacking multiple machines leading to online trophies (for a small side competition with friends). The result of the choice brought me to the crazy surgeon/doctor figure and having a machine gun, shotgun, incendiary abilities, and telepathy to what I believe I was supposed to take down with only pistol, electricity, and maybe robots. Overall, it came to benefit me as a weaker player.

  1. suzannescott says:

    You do a nice job of describing your experience, but you need to be applying course concepts in more explicit detail. Your point about being “sucked in” was ripe for a more extensive discussion of the magic circle and its function, for example (this also ties into your choice to explore rather than follow the demarcated path). For future entries, you want to push these observations further- specifically, what made you think you were meant to pick up these skills/tools at a later point in the game? In short, spend a little time setting up the concept (here, Salen and Zimmerman’s “anatomy of a choice”), and then really analyze your responses.

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